We are one of the leading companies in provision of security in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Our Company includes the following enterprises:

• Integrated safety and security enterprise LLC “GARANT”
• Integrated safety and security enterprise LLC “GARANT-KHABAROVSK”
• Private Security Company LLC “FSO”
• Youth Center of Culture and Sports “SOYUZ”
• LLC Sports Health Center “GARANT”
• Individual Entrepreneur G.G. Gubatov

Group of Companies “GARANT” provides a wide range of services in life and health saving security, safekeeping of property of entities and persons.

Protection Activities

Protection of industrial enterprises, trade complexes, commercial units and offices, forwarding of cargoes and valuable things, private and personal protection, social and cultural events protection, quick response team services.

Detective Services

Corporation investigations – collecting data and evidences for courts and legal actions, financial investigations, commercial fraud and illegal encroachments on intellectual property and trade mark investigations, collecting information for business negotiations.
Detective investigations – collecting information regarding criminal and civil actions, collecting commercial information, search for lost people, private investigations.

Online object monitoring

Online monitoring of objects is a modern solution that most successful entrepreneurs choose today.

The implementation of this method of monitoring serves several purposes at once:
• protection of objects;
• fire safety;
• fast detection of emergency situations;
• information collection and storage;
• control of equipment and personnel.

The main advantage of remote object monitoring is that it allows you to collect information from dispersed objects in one place. This surveillance system works around the clock and requires a minimum number of employees, which significantly reduces the cost of ensuring the security of the object.

Engineering and Technical Security Provision

Design, mounting and maintenance of systems for security and fire alarms, access imitation and control, video observation, communications, television, perimeter safety systems. Delivery of technical means. Internal engineering systems and equipment installation work.

Informative and Analytical Activities

Provision of business entities with reliable information about Russian and foreign partners, collection, study and double check of economical, social and other nature information. Customer’s field marketing research.

Educational Activities

Training and skill improvement courses for protection bodies and security services employees. Psychological training and testing. Antiterrorism program for enterprises, population and security forces. Special purpose consultations and training courses for enterprises at their requests. Training systems for self-defense and attack, survival and various types of fighting arts.

We operate in the Far Eastern Federal District and offer the following security services:

1. Physical security:

• duty at the facility by one or more guards;
• control and compliance with the facility visit order approved by the Client;
• control of safety of entrance doors, locking devices, screens and seals of the closed-down premises turned over for protection;
• assumption of measures stipulated by the Client and laws to the persons violating the facility visit order or internal regulations, as well as to the persons whose actions contain signs of unlawful acts;
• execution of random patrol of secured facilities area in order to detect intrusion of persons whose actions are wrongful and posing threat to integrity of the client’s property;
• access control arrangements, check of motor transport.

2. Security through central surveillance board:

• Security of facilities through central surveillance board and using technical aids of fire and security alarm installed at the Client’s facility and rapid response team responding by the alert signals.

3. Cargo escorting:

• provision of cargo escorting by one or several security guards;
• adoption of all required measures aimed at cargo security against offence of third parties.

4. Full range of services in transiting of value documents and cash money:

• cash-in-transit services of cash in vault;
• transit of value documents, letters of credit, promissory notes and credit cards;
• local and long-distance transits;
• protection facilities on the water with the ability to respond to the boat;
• armed escort vessels by our employees;
• escort vessels (our courts) with armed officers;
• protection of seaports, offshore platforms and pipelines;

Transportation is carried out by specially equipped armored cars under armed guard.

5. Personal security (VIP)

• Personal security is provided by well trained, physically strong bodyguards which were critically selected. Extensive practical experience allows to protect the client in extreme conditions. The principle of threat prevention is the basis of work.

By mutual agreement of the parties, constant interaction of personal guards with rapid response teams is carried out.

The clients of integrated safety and security group “GARANT” are both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Today, we are successfully implementing a set of measures on safety and security throughout the Far Eastern Federal District (physical security, security monitoring service and cash-in-transit services).